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Basic product catalogue

All our products are made with plant-tanned leathers, free from chrome and heavy metals, and may be used by persons allergic to those metals

High boot for country pursuits

Preformed upper; welted, lasted and awled by hand.  Stitched throughout with cord coated with pitch and virgin wax, giving the boot great flexibility, comfort and waterproofness.
Priced at around 160 Euros. More information >>

Elasticated ankle boot

One-piece boot.  Seamless upper, very comfortable.  Features which no-one has managed to improve on.  We (Juan and José Rodríguez) were the first to incorporate the elastic pleating in the 1920's.  Other shoemaking houses have gradually followed suit.
Priced at around 130 Euros. 

Pricked Castilian shoe

Made of leather semi-dressed on the grainy side. Both the pricking and punching are done entirely by hand. Delicate and very precise work.
Priced at around 130 Euros. More information >>

Golf shoe

Made of leather and waterproof boxcalf. Different colors. Completely natutal and handmade.
Priced at around 180 Euros.

Hunting boot

In one piece front and back, formable leather – preventing the entry of moisture, spikes of stubble, etc.  May be made with a rebated welt, which helps avoid the leather being cut by the objects found in the countryside.  The sole may be in mountain and semi-mountain leather.
Priced at around 180 Euros.

Show jumping or riding boot

Special horse riding boot, for both classical and English dressage.  May be made in any kind of leather and colour, in one piece and reaching up to the knee, to avoid catching on stirrups or rubbing the horse's flank.  The customer needs to be measured very accurately.
Priced at around 180 Euros


Made of calf leather of superior premium quality.  Pricked and perforated by hand, with a white background of parchment-dressed leather.  May be stitched completely by hand or machine sewn.  No two pairs of chaps are alike.  We can do the design at the client's request; both initials and herd marks of the customer may be engraved and embroidered.
Approximate price: From 300 to 600 Euros, depending on whether hand or machine sewn.

Embossed leggings

To wear over shoes or ankle boots.  Made of very fine calf leather, with many filigrees which make them look spectacular.  A mixture of pricking and openwork with tassels and leather button work.
Priced at around 130 Euros.

Shoes for people with disabilities

Other products

In spring and summer we make leather manoletinas (open shoes), sandals and moccasins, and all kinds of bags and belts.


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