Custom-made footwear ~ Trimmings to order

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We're a family workshop of Craftsmen Shoemakers who, dedicated generation after generation to the art and secrets of the trade, now offer all kinds of hand-made leathercraft, achieving the highest quality with the best design and finish.

Both our method of working and the tools we use faithfully reflect our history and tradition.  Our materials are the product of natural tanning as practised by the craftsmen of Villarramiel, Palencia which, combined with our craftsmen's meticulous care, enable the customer to obtain products guaranteed throughout their lifetime.

Our workshop combines the trades of the shoeupper operator, shoe designer, shoemaker, saddler and leatherworker, thereby offering the best CUSTOM-MADE FOOTWEAR and TRIMMINGS TO ORDER, with the certainty that no-one will be able to offer you a better product.

In 1994 the Taller ARTESANÍA DEL CALZADO / FOOTWEAR CRAFTSMANSHIP Workshop received the "Best Spanish Craftsmen's Diploma", awarded by the Museum of Art and Traditions of Madrid Autónoma University.

The Taller ARTESANÍA DEL CALZADO / FOOTWEAR CRAFTSMANSHIP Workshop has exhibited its products at Craft Fairs, including:  

F.I.N.A.R.(International Craft Fair), Madrid
Antwerp Show, Belgium
"Expoconsumo" Fair, Bilbao
International Craft Fair, Gerona
World Horse Fair, Seville
Ibero-american Footwear Fair, Dominican Republic
Craft Fair, Segovia  
Craft Fair, Ávila     
Craft Fair, Burgos  
Craft Fair, Salamanca  
Craft Fair, Palencia  
Craft Fair, Zamora 
Craft Fair, Valladolid  
Ibiza Craft Fair, Balearic Islands 
San Sebastián Craft Fair
Aveiro (Portugal) Craft Fair

En Artesanos del Calzado hacemos calzado a medida calzado cómodo. Somos especialistas en calzado. Estamos en Artesanos CUSTOM-MADE FOOTWEAR  TRIMMINGS TO ORDER, Spain


 San Antón, 11 - 47100 Tordesillas (Valladolid), Spain ~ Tlfs.: (+34) 983 77 08 65 - (+34) 658 85 61 24 ~